About Us

YONAB CONSTRUCTION is one of the leading Grade One Contractor, established on Hidar 09 2002 E.C / November 18 2009 G.C which is licensed in Ethiopia ,with a well experienced professional in design & construction of Road and Bridge Structure , Electrical and all other civil Work. company members.

At YONAB CONSTRUCTION, we pledge to meet the needs of our clients with the highest standards in service, quality, safety and integrity. We will ensure environmental protection and safety in the execution of all of our projects. Due diligence will guide us as we provide a work environment for our employees that is safe, positive and team focused.


Our vision is to be a leading and most progressive engineering & construction company in the country to provided outstanding solution for a wide range of civil construction works by applying the most updated professional skill and quality time efficient standard procedural practices.


Meet our clients’ objectives by delivering their projects on time, on Budget and to the highest quality standard.
Build and sustain strong business partnerships with our customers through Our integrity, courtesy, honesty and commitment to honor business Agreements.
Ensure our staff have confidence and pride in the achievements of our Company through raising our standards, maintaining a reputation as a Company of excellence and by recognizing team and individual achievements
To meet the challenges in the development of multi-sector civil engineering projects, providing innovative solutions while developing long-term progressive relationship with all our customers.
Retain our clients’ business through continual development and Improvement of our staff and our processes throughout all areas of our Business.
Undertake all elements of our work with skill, integrity, and responsibility along with a continuous dedication to quality, safety, and sustainable, whilst minimizing the impact of construction on our community and the environment as a whole.
Employ people with the ability to achieve our vision, ensuring they are Provided with strong leadership, support through development Planning and processes, and providing a framework of standards And values within which to achieve our vision.


Quality: Build Excellence.Safety: is the only way to work.Integrity: we do what we say.Resourcefulness: we are a can do, get-it done company.Customer Satisfaction: we listen, we build trusting relationship and we stand behind our work.Social Responsibility: we are committed to the community, environment and employee.


The top management of YONAB CONSTRUCTION and its staff are highly committed to achieve and sustain a reputation for excellence in the domestic and international construction industry by construction and transferring technology of high standards of buildings, roads and water works that can satisfy customer,, stakeholders and regulatory requirements.

This is achieved through maintaining and continually improving the quality management system based on ISO 9001:2008.In so doing our values are quality safety cost effectiveness aesthetics and timeliness that we adhere to within the company’s daily operations.


YONAB CONSTRUCTION - Organization Chart